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The Portland Bike Stand

Proudly designed in Portland, Oregon, manufactured in the USA! 

  • Are you a Bike Fitter looking to help more¬†riders - including Fat Bike, MTB, E-bike, utility, gravel and bike-packing riders?¬†
  • Are you a Bike Shop,¬†looking for a way to swap out bikes quickly, from MTB to road, to an eBike, to a FatBike. ¬†. with ease?¬†
  • Are you a cyclist looking to train indoors and perform workouts on your¬†larger, heavier bikes, like bike packing, or MTB,¬†without worry of¬†tipping over or breaking the¬†trainer?¬†
  • Wish there was a Bike Trainer¬† that accepts ANY bike currently available¬†today ‚ÄĒ and ALL wheel/tire sizes, from thru axle to quick release?¬†

  The Portland was created specifically for YOU! 


Key features of The Portland

  1. Large footprint, making it virtually impossible to tip over during active cycling, and out-of- the-saddle efforts
  2. Each of the 2 rear legs are independently height-adjustable, ensuring a level trainer regardless of surface
  3. High grade, professional quality steel, hand welded with weight tolerance estimated at above 500Lbs+
  4. Sizing to allow for wheel/tire size up to 29er with a  3.5" tire!
  5. Capacity for full squish MTB, E-bikes, Cargo, Tandem, and as small as a Brompton ‚ÄĒ
  6. Accepts ALL axle types: Thru Axle to QR
  1. Powder coating and rear bracing for added durability and stability 
  2. Replaceable brass fittings. Using brass allows better contact, without damage to trainer axles
  3. Rear mounting for installation of any commercially available magnetic or fluid resistance unit, i.e Kinnetic.
  4. Removable front legs to allow for transportability, and shipping

Specifications of The Portland

Footprint Width: 82cm /  32"
Depth: 68cm  /  27'
Weight: 42 Lbs / 19 Kg
Maximum Axle Drive spacing: 300mm /  11"+
Weight capacity: 500 Lbs  / 226 Kg 

The Portland is a highly-specialized Trainer Stand that fills a much-need void to help ALL cyclists and ALL bikes - from MTB, eBike, to Bromton, and everything in-between!

The Portland Ultra Premium Bike Stand


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