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Come join us this September for THE 'Physio Bike Summit' of the year to level up your Bike Friendly Physio + Bike Fit skills while enjoying all the amenities Portland has to offer!

  Pedal PT Palooza Rundown 

***Only TWO tickets remain for 100% Fully Vaccinated Physiotherapists

Event location

Pedal PT - 2622 SE 25th Ave,  Portland, OR  97202


Friday September, 10th 2021

@ Pedal PT   1pm - 1:45pm    Meet and greet, introductions, and general overview of the weekend in bike-friendly  PDX

2pm - 2:45pm Essentials of Off-the-Bike- Evaluation  Kevin Schmidt, PT, Pedal PT

We'll go over the often overlooked part of Bike Fit -- The subjective intake, and off-the-bike body screening in relation to a rider's complaints. 

3pm  5pm.   Bike ride to SPEEDVAGEN shop tour  (<1mile)

Come see the original master craftsmen who started the boutique steel frame revolution way back in 2002. . . and still pushing the envelope of what is possible to this day— We are so grateful to get a full, behind-the-velvet-curtain Tour of one of the top bike builders in the land, and really great people to boot!   

5pm, onwards: (optional)   “PDX Tour” bike ride (<10miles) with dinner / drinks to follow!  Come socialize and connect with your fellow Bike Friendly PTs and enjoy some of the best food and drinks Portland has to offer!


Saturday, September 11th, 2021

Pedal PT Office open at 7:30am with (good) coffee and light snacks to start the day!

 8am – 8:45am   PTs and Bike-Friendly House calls? Key Aspects of Offering Indoor Cycling / Peloton Bike Fit - Kevin Schmidt, PT

The rise of the indoor cycling enthusiast, and how to best help these riders – From tools to pricing, common symptoms and syndromes of the indoor rider, how to add this service to your Physio menu, or cash-pay side-hustle!

9am - 9:45 Helping riders find the 'right' bike sizing when purchasing a bike online, or building a custom frame. 

We'll take a look at how we navigate this process, and will briefly discuss frame design, tools we use, and use of the Calfee Size Cycle.   

10am – noon.   Short ride to Ruckus Composites tour and q/a with Founder Shawn Small!

Come learn all about the process of carbon fiber repair from the world class experts at Ruckus—From NASA to pro-Tour bike repair, these guys are at the top of the game, and owner/Founder Shawn is one of the most brilliant, smartest people you’ll ever meet—We are honored to have this unique opportunity to see the science, skill, and magic on how to diagnose and repair carbon fiber fractures, and a whole lot more!

12:30 to 1:30 pm-  Lunch will be on your own – plenty of options in the area!

 1:30 – 4pm  Bike Fit Overview and Practice- Where the rubber hits the . . . trainer! 

Review and overview of MTB / Gravel / E-bike Bike Fitting (more TBD)

It’s time to get those hands dirty and get more familiar with the assessment, tools, techniques, and clinical reasoning for making Bike Fit adjustments of saddle, cleats, and bars/levers; working together in small Groups to assess and give feedback on each other’s Bike Fit!

4pm – 6pm    Let’s get kitted up and ride some bikes!

We’re going on a ~25mile bike ride around Portland, and into the world-famous gravel magic of Forrest Park!  Ride starts and finishes at Pedal PT — We’ll see some road, gravel, climbs and other bits to work on bike-handing, shifting, descending skills! This will be a no drop ride with mildly higher difficulty + terrain and will likely need to bring some ride snacks along as we’ll be riding ~2 hours (give or take)!

Sunday, September 12th , 2021

Office opens at 7:30am with more great coffee and snacks to start the day!  

 8am – 10am Intro to Pelvic Health + Cycling-Related Symptoms”Istvan Takacs, PT, Pedal PT

A surprising number of riders experience pelvic health symptoms from cycling, and we’ll go over some of the more common symptoms for men and women, presentation, how to diagnose, as well as underlying Bike Fit considerations to best help these clients.  

 10:30 – noon Tires: PSI, TPI and Why it All Matters for Optimized Riding    Kevin Schmidt, PT, Pedal PT


Noon-1pm. Lunch (On your own) 

1pm – 2:30pm:   Bike Fit client case studies, Q/A, and issuing certificates for the weekend. KS

We’ll be tie up any loose ends, answer questions, and I’ll try to stump you with case studies to challenge your knowledge and deepen clinical reasoning. We’ll also have time so that those of you that that need to leave early can catch their flights home can do so!  


This is our very first event of this sort, and we'll be learning a lot along the way both for you. . . and me as well!!

I am SO very excited to offer our unique take on combining the fully immersive bike culture of Portland, while providing top-notch professional education for the  cycling Physio enthusiast!

- Kevin Schmidt, PT, Pedal PT


Lodging: There are many options in the area, including Air BnB, VRBO, etc.  — I’d recommend trying to stay on the East side of the Willamette River, or preferably SouthEast part of Portland to lessen your travel time to the event.

Our neighborhood is called the Division/Clinton district if you are looking at lodging options, which is chocked full of unique restaurants, shops, bars, as well as Salt & Straw for those ice-cream lovers out there — I mean, heck, who isn’t??

 Fun fact: Pedal PT is located on the corner of SE 25th and Clinton Avenue, which boasts a staggering 4 to 6 thousand bike trips per day. . . no joke!    

 General notes on PDX weather: Average temperature in Portland in September ranges from 54deg to 75degrees, with generally about 5 days of rain throughout the month— So bring clothing to accommodate, including a rain shell, and/or arm/leg warmers, depending on your preference.

 Please bring a bike to ride!  

We’ll be having rides scheduled throughout the event, including some short city rides, as well as some optional, longer rides (20-30miles TBD) – Having a bike at the Event will also allow you to practice and work on Bike Fitting concepts, and maximize your very own Bike Fit, so it is well worth the efforts getting your bike out here!  

-Renting a bike:

If you choose to rent a bicycle, our top choice would be River City Bikes (706 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97214). which is one of the top bike shops in the entire USA, and well worth a visit when you are  in town anyways! Any bike will do, but a road or gravel bike may be the best choice for the rides we have planned.  More information about RCB and availability can be found here:


            -Shipping a bike:

Shipping a bike can sometimes be the easiest way for many, and if you are going to go this route, we recommend using Bike Flights ( who are based here in PDX! There are other options, but we have used them in the past will good results — If you are new to shipping your bike, Bike Flights has some good info for you, and your bike can be packed up and shipped by your local bike shop too!  If you are going to ship your bike, please reach out, and we’ll see if it’s best to ship to Pedal PT, versus a couple shops in the area who can get your bike built up (and also then be able to break it back down for you afterwards).   

             -Traveling with your bike:

Many airlines will allow you to check a bike box, oftentimes for a fee (Southwest airlines is $75 one way), and I believe other airlines may allow you to check a bike for free, versus an additional fee- Be sure to check with your airline before heading out the door with your bike boxed up to avoid any confusion and unwanted costs!


** Remember to allow adequate time/tools, etc to build your bike back up before the Course begins on Friday afternoon, as we’ll be riding to Speedvagen (<1mile away from Pedal P), and likely going for a short cruise to dinner/beers following (optional).   If you need help getting your bike built, please contact me and we can get something arranged at a local shop. **

 Safety and Bike Riding

Our goal is to offer you a diverse experience not only with your learning, but with your cycling as well— Cycling is inherently a dangerous activity, we all have different levels of experience, and crashes do happen! To ensure your safety, all riders must: 1) ride with a helmet, and 2) will need to sign a waiver prior to participating an any of your organized rides.  

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September 10-11-12th  Portland, Oregon 


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Eligible for 16.0 CEUs 

Learn skills to help your cycling clients both on and off the bike, connect with other bike friendly clinicians, and enjoy all that Portland, OR has to experience