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A comprehensive, Professional online course for PTs, Physios, PTAs, ATCs, and MDs that covers:

The background, philosophy and true science behind Bike Fit from a clinical standpoint

The tools, forms and waivers required to safely perform Bike Fit in clinic 

How to add, price, and bill for cycling-specific services like Bike Fit - both for cash pay and insurance!   

.. and perhaps most important 

How working in the cycling niche can truly change your life and health for the better -- as it has for me! 


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But wait. Let me first introduce myself, and why I'm here to help you in your Bike Friendly Physio Journey..

My name is Kevin Schmidt, and I live in what many refer to as 'Bike City, USA' --  Portland, Oregon.

In 2012, I founded one of the very first Bike-Centric Physical Therapy offices in the US, called Pedal PT, offering both hands-on orthopedic injury care/PT, as well as Clinical Bike Fitting services. To date, our office has performed just shy of over 3000 Bike Fit sessions, from novice to professional-level riders in all disciplines: Road, MTB, Downhill, Cyclocross, Triathlete/TT, Gravel(!), as well as Tandem, Cargo, E-Bike, Commuter/Hybrid and Recumbent riders alike. We also work with riders and bike-builders alike, providing information and measurements for custom bicycle purchases. 

So. . . why bikes???

I graduated PT school in 2002, and back in 2007, I was facing burnout as a stressed-out Clinical Manager in a busy Worker's Comp organization, wherein I'd spend hours a day in the car. . in traffic

I made the monumental decision to quit that job, take a less-profile job only 3 miles from home, and stopped driving a car completely.  

I fully dedicated myself to living the 'Bike Life', however soon developed aches and pains myself-- and soon realized that with absolutely no training in Bike Fit or cycling injury in PT school, I was unable to remedy my own Bike Fit issues-- And, as they say, 'Out of frustration yields innovation..' 

I'm here to finally offer clinicians a simplified, step-by-step approach to learning the ins and outs of working with cyclists and performing Bike Fit and beyond - I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to truly live the PT/ Bike Life now for over 14+ years, and want to pay it forwards all the knowledge I've gained through these years now. . .  to YOU! 


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Pedal PT Palooza is a GO for 2021

We are beyond excited to announce that we'll be hosting our very first in-person LIVE event on September 10-11-12th 2021 in Portland, OR:


More details are getting ironed out, but you will NOT want to miss this uniquely Portland event: 
-- A fully immersive cycling and learning experience for Physiotherapist featuring
✅  Clinical/practical coursework on BikeFit and working within the cycling niche
✅  Amazing one-of-a-kind PDX tours + visits!  (We’ve already got a private guided Tour of Speedvagen confirmed!)
✅  Epic local bike rides scheduled, including road vs gravel options, and 
✅  SO MUCH MORE to be announced in the coming months! 
Please note: Due to COVID precautions, this epic inaugural event will be kept very small, and only 10 fully vaccinated attendees will be accepted, and appreciate your understanding on this! 
OInly 10 spots available-- Register NOW!

Pedal PT Online Academy Testimonials  

“The Pedal PT online learning course does an excellent job of distilling the sometimes complex process of performing a Bike Fitting into easily digestible videos for learning at your own pace.

The course covers basics of bike adjustment, how to prepare your “Fitting Studio” and also quick analysis of some of the dysfunctions/injuries you are likely to see.

This course is a great step into building your bike-fitting knowledge and confidence, and a great choice for therapists who are interested in expanding to work with more cycling clientele.”

-Tony Pletcher, PT, DPT 

Seattle, WA

   - - - - - - - 

“If Bike Fitting interests you, I think The Pedal PT Online Academy is great. Eligible for CEUs. 
And you get tons of mentorship, which in my opinion no other CE course out there is comparable to this.
Kevin Schmidt knows his stuff, and he’s very approachable. You’ll learn a lot from him whether it’s clinical pearls, bike fitting or running a business.” 
Andy Tseng, PT
Austin, TX


"The Pedal PT Academy is the absolute best!

If you are thinking about getting into BikeFitting, you need to check out this Course!

Kevin answers questions along the way, and is an amazing resource! "

Jacob Crow, ATC


Course Breakdown 

Level 1: Physio Bike Fit Introduction: Background, Understanding Bike Fit in Clinic, and Getting Stared:

  • Thank You and Welcome to the Pedal PT Academy
  • "Bike Friendly Physical Therapy"- Keeping The Public in the Saddle
  • Bike Ft Physio Tip #1: Haters Gonna Hate
  • The Top 3 Myths of Bike Fitting
  • The 'Learning Curve' Mindset
  • Bike Fit by Physio: Wellness vs PT for Bike Fit?
  • The #1 Thing to Do To Become A Better Bike Fitter
  • Thoughts on Motion Capture and Bike Fitting for the Physiotherapist
  • 'Pain-Free Cycling' Defined  

Level 2: Fundamentals of Bike Fit for Physiotherapists: Learning abut the bicycle itself, what can be adjusted, pieces/parts, and Bike Fit equipment 

  • Bike Anatomy 101 + Contact points 
  • Physio BikeFit Studio + Equipment Essentials
  • Threadless Stem Adjustment
  • Moving the Saddle 101
  • Handlebar Rotation
  • Foot / Shoe/ Cleat Adjustment Basics
  • Thru Axle Skewers + Mounting / Leveling the Bike
  • Bike Inspection 101
  • Toe Clips --> Clip-Less
  • The Inter-Connectivity of Bike Fit

Level 3: Clinical Presentation + Bike Fit Correlations- Deciphering a rider's pains/screening, and clinical correlations to one's Bike Fit

  • Clinical Bike Fit Intake + Waiver Form
  • 'Off The Bike' Client ROM Screen
  • Calf Pain + Cleat Considerations
  • Lower Back Pain + Bike Fit
  • Hand Tingling + Numbness with Cycling
  • Neck Pain and Cycling
  • Knee Pain and Cycling
  • Hip + 'Saddle Area' Symptoms and Cycling 

Level 4: Clinical Bike Fitting- Where the rubber meets the road in performing Bike Fit - a complete how-tp breakdown to the process 

  • The 60min Physio Bike Fit Formula
  • Clinical Bike Fit Principles: Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  • Clinical Bike Fit Principles: Commuter/City Bike
  • Documentation of Bike Fit for the Physiotherapist
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